Parenting arrangements and COVID-19

It is imperative that parents act in the best interests of their children at all time. However, given these unprecedented times, there may be situations that arise that make compliance with Court Orders, parenting plans or informal parenting arrangements quite difficult.

Generally speaking, unless a parent has a reasonable excuse for non-compliance, such as restrictions on movement, the closure of state borders or that a child’s school has closed, then they must ensure that all Court Orders, parenting plans and long standing informal parenting arrangements remain in place and are complied with during these times.

The Court encourage parents to communicate with each other (if it is safe to do so) and work together in the event that they are unable to comply with the current parenting arrangements. If an agreement can be reached about new parenting arrangements then this is encouraged to be put in writing. This is particularly important if at some point the other parent brings a contravention application to the Court for non-compliance.

If you are uncertain about your current parenting Orders or arrangements and whether they are still in the best interest of your child, or if you require assistance in any other family law matter, please contact Amanda Smith of Nevetts Lawyers.

Author: Amanda Smith