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Posted on 27 Jul 2020

Parenting arrangements and COVID-19

It is imperative that parents act in the best interests of their children at all time. However, given these unprecedented times, there may be situations that arise that make compliance with Court Orders, parenting…

Posted on 18 May 2020

Death of a spouse or De Facto partner – Final distribution of property

When married couples or de facto couples separate typically the question of distributing property between them arises. In some cases parties can reach agreement about such distribution but failing agreement parties are likely to…

Posted on 18 Dec 2019

How long do my partner and I have to live together before we are classed as in a de facto relationship?

A common question family lawyers get asked is: What is the time frame that we have to be living together to be classed as in a de facto relationship. Is it six months? It…

Posted on 22 Mar 2016

Resolving children’s arrangements after separation

Separated parents are often unsure or unable to communicate with the other parent in relation to an agreement on what time the children will spend with each parent. The first step for separated parents…

Posted on 4 Oct 2014

International Issues in Family Law

With more and more Australians living and/or working abroad and in a relationship with nationals from other countries it is important to understand when it is appropriate to obtain Family Law Orders in Australia….

Posted on 4 Jul 2014

How do you reach an agreement in regard to division of assets?

On separation couples are often left with not only the difficulty of dividing up the matrimonial assets but of making formal arrangements to document any agreement reached between them.  How do you reach an…

Posted on 4 Jul 2014

How do I get Divorced?

Does it matter who is to blame for the end of the relationship or where we were married? Is an application for Divorce Orders a separate issue to parenting matters, property settlement and maintenance…

Posted on 4 Jul 2014

Are you in a defacto relationship?

A defacto relationship according to the Family Law Act is a relationship with another person who you are not legally married to, who you are not related to by family and that you are…

Posted on 4 Jul 2014

Are you entitled to spousal maintenance?

Could you be entitled to maintenance for yourself and not just for your children? Spousal Maintenance is the provision of ongoing financial support for a husband or wife. It is separate from child support….

Posted on 4 Oct 2012

Separation and Divorce

Should I consider the provisions of my current will? In the event of a breakdown of the domestic relationship with your spouse or partner, it is imperative that you review your Will. Whilst the…