Good Governance

A pocket guide for directors and CEO’s

This practical booklet grew from the demand by business leaders at a Business Expo in 2000.  The presentation made by Peter Wilson, Nevetts targets the key elements needed by a Board or Committee of Management to become successful.  Peter has drawn on some 30 years of practical experience as both a director and advisor to management in compiling the booklet “Good Governance”, a pocket guide for Directors and CEO’s identifying 10 key issues for good governance.

Following Peter’s presentation at Expo 2000, Nevetts continually receives many enquiries requesting a practical ‘hands-on’ professional development program for Board and Committee of Management members, which will assist them in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities ensuring the successful continuation of the organisation.

The booklet is written in an informative and easily understood way with details of Peters’ 10 key areas to get right:

  1. Knowing your role
  2. Understanding the law and the duties of directors and officers
  3. Helping set policy framework
  4. Developing a strategic direction
  5. Assessing and managing risk
  6. Working effectively with the CEO
  7. Making it happen – Board practices and procedures
  8. The Scorecard – monitor and evaluate results
  9. How to avoid traps for the unwary
  10. Evaluation of the Boards performance

To support the book Nevetts also conduct a series of effective governance workshops designed specifically for members of the Board or Committee of Management and the CEO to work together in the development of a cohesive and effective strategy for the governance of the organisation.

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Published: 3 May 2018


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