Careers with Nevetts

For as long as we can remember, our philosophy has been that when a great person comes along wanting to work at Nevetts, we would be silly to let them go. While sometimes we advertise for a specific vacancy we are looking to fill, we are always on the lookout for good people who want to join our team, whether they are law students interested in a career with an outstanding regional practice, an administration assistant looking for a friendly and supportive working environment, or an experienced lawyer wanting to find a firm that aligns with their values and interests.



There are three key things we look for in candidates:

  • a burning desire to be great at what they do;
  • a proven commitment to living and working in our community; and
  • someone who values the same things we do.



If you are someone looking to build a career in the law in a regional area, please get in touch with our Office Manager, Melissa Morrison, using the form below: