COVID-19 Legal implications

In these uncertain and unprecedented times, everyone will be impacted not only in the short term but potentially into the medium and long term.

Businesses and individuals will face critical periods and will, more than ever, need legal advice and assistance as they navigate the “new normal”.


For businesses, significant issues arise that might require advice as to modifying business structures; advice with respect to employment and workplace issues. With the negative impact on business financial liability will also be critical.

There is almost daily announcements from Federal and State Government that inevitably impact all businesses ranging from whether a business can remain viable and even if they can what decisions can be made to ensure the ongoing viability of the business.

Among the many decisions taken in recent times include legislation affecting commercial leasing; early access to superannuation; Australian Taxation Office measures to assist tax payers and businesses. The list is virtually endless.

At Nevetts Lawyers, our various practice groups are ready to provide advice and assistance wherever needed. Particularly our workgroups, business and commercial law; employment and workplace relations; family law and dispute resolution.

In each of these areas, individuals and business may require our professional assistance.

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Published: 15 July 2020


The information in this article is general in nature and is not to be relied upon as legal advice. As always, we recommend you seek thorough legal advice to consider your own circumstances and determine whether the information contained in this article is applicable to you.  This article is current as at the date of publishing but will not be updated as circumstances change.