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Posted on 4 Jul 2014

VCAT Amendment Act 2014

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act has been recently amended and has now come into effect. Significant changes in particular are made with respect to the role of expert witnesses in VCAT matters….

Posted on 4 Jul 2014

Independent Contractors v Employees

It is often a complex question to determine whether an individual undertaking services or work is doing so as an “independent contractor” or whether, in truth, the individual is an “employee” of the organisation…

Posted on 4 Jul 2014

Bullying in the Workplace

Fair Work Act 2009 was amended in 2013 to provide the Fair Work Commission with broad powers to make orders to prevent workplace bullying. Workplace Bullying Bullying, whether in the school yard or at work,…

Posted on 4 Jul 2014

How do you reach an agreement in regard to division of assets?

On separation couples are often left with not only the difficulty of dividing up the matrimonial assets but of making formal arrangements to document any agreement reached between them.  How do you reach an…

Posted on 4 Jul 2014

How do I get Divorced?

Does it matter who is to blame for the end of the relationship or where we were married? Is an application for Divorce Orders a separate issue to parenting matters, property settlement and maintenance…

Posted on 4 Jul 2014

Are you in a defacto relationship?

A defacto relationship according to the Family Law Act is a relationship with another person who you are not legally married to, who you are not related to by family and that you are…

Posted on 4 Jul 2014

Are you entitled to spousal maintenance?

Could you be entitled to maintenance for yourself and not just for your children? Spousal Maintenance is the provision of ongoing financial support for a husband or wife. It is separate from child support….

Posted on 4 Jul 2014

Supplying Goods and Services on Credit

Business proprietors often agree to trade with their clients and customers where “credit terms” are the norm. Businesses in so doing need to ensure that their documentation is adequate. Terms of Trade When contracting…

Posted on 4 Jul 2014

Small Business. Appropriate Legal Structure

When setting up a new business or considering a restructure, important considerations as to the type of structure, how assets are to be held, how the business is to be conducted, and how personal…

Posted on 3 Jul 2014

Residential Tenancies

The Victorian Law Reform Commission is undertaking a review of the Residential Tenancies Act particularly with reference to the common practice of landlords and their agent photographing premises to show prospective buyers or new…